Light Survival (2021)

<Light Survival> is a large printed digital print and paper origami work, in collaboration with a survivor of sexual harassment.

The work will be exhibited in TINC (JAN 2022)

working with Juicy Mosquito Team

"I don't want to make my experiences
as a survivor of a series of sexual assault victims meaningless or worthless.

If it cannot be left as a public precedent,
I will remain as a personal report and become infinitely light data,
value in being able to reach women of my age in search." - H. Choi

Light survival (2021)

Digital Print on Fabric

<Light Survival> is a collaborative work with a survivor of sexual harassment.

The large screen containing a facial texture of the 3d model made with the victim’s real face
and her scar is also filled with her ‘body’; which can be folded into origami.

'Non-self-destructive segmented body' on a 'large printed screen' shares the victim’s will
of 'being infinitely light as a data'.

Also by sharing and folding init to an origami,
her body (and her message) can reach more people as evidence of the accident.

-> I’ll Promise To Find The Way Out, Hyojung Choi(Collaborator)’s Original manifesto in Korean
-> English Translation of ‘I’ll Promise To Find The Way Out’

Virtual Installation

For Origami

Planer figure of the 3D Model (modeled based on the collaborator-survivor’s face)