Bin (2021)

<Bin> is a VR video work to find the relationship between an avatar and its creator and a user;
discovering the intimate but loose connection with individual persona and society.

Bin (2021)

single-channel video/VR 360 video
3min 33sec
Who decides the appearance of an avatar?  (Modeler - - - Model her)
What is inside of an avatar’s body?  (Programmer  - - - Program her)
Who controls an avatar and why? (User  - - - Use her)

In a virtual environment which is a risk-free and thrilling space,
the user possesses an avatar that is an 'empty body'.

The possessed avatar is made by modelers, programmers, animators, and users,
and interacts with other beings instead of the users themselves.

However, the appearance of the avatar being reproduced is not voluntary.

The avatar in <Bin> that exists as images required by society or created by fantasy,
is now staring at the users, asking about herself through her body,
which is filled with users' lust.

VR 360 ver.


One day I had a strange dream.

It was a moment when I fell asleep while uninstalling a game I had been playing for a while.

In my dream, I was swimming in the air, watching the metaverse world being torn apart with my avatar.

The avatar watched her world disappear, and then

She asked me to tell her about herself.

Confused, I said yes.

Soon, we were crossing the polygon and entering her body.

Her brain consisted of a flash of data 0 and 1 and a data cloud behind them.
Nodes of data connected like neurons were programmed to repeat creation and destruction.

Looking at them curiously, she asked me who made these nodes.

I told her that programmers, animators, and modelers designed her.

As time passed, a portal-like entrance appeared.

After passing through the entrance, we had arrived at the blood vessels of the avatar.

She is observing the inside of her veins filled with desire.

Hearing the pounding sound, she asked me again.

Program her,

Animate her,

Model her,

Who made the command?

Who is giving me orders?

I couldn’t answer.

After a while, She asked me who I am.

By answering ‘I am User’,

we got out of the bloodstream.

The next destination was the avatar's stomach.

As the Cookies pass through the avatar's stomach,

floating in pieces,

I try to answer her questions.

But until the end, I didn't come to any conclusions.

We came out of the avatar's body and returned to the bin.

It seemed that the data deletion was almost complete.

In a fading voice, the avatar disappeared,

telling me that maybe I was also an 'avatar' like herself,

while looking at the blank screen, I returned from a dream to reality.