Epic Odyssiea

<Epic Odysseia> is a short film as a parody of the Greek mythology ‘Odysseia’ with a twist that the gender of Odysseus is swapped to female.

The film was made to show that there is a long history of gender inequalities even in well-known ancient mythology,
by imagining possible situations that can happen when the gender of the characters is mirrored and the background is contemporary.

<Epic Odysseia>, 2020

Single-channel video
(silent, black & white)
13min 25sec

<Epic Odysseia> is a short, silent B/W film made in Unity.

The film is a parody of the Greek mythology, Odysseia, with a twist that the gender of Odysseus is swapped to female.
The journey starts with Odysseus and her friends’ going on a trip to a foreign country after the end of the Covid-19 situation.
On this trip, Odysseus and her friends encounter everyday situations caused by gender inequalities.