<Liquid Crystal>

A multimedia installation project with my interpretation of women in media.

Installation View

Right wall: Female images in media.

The right wall of the project is about the characteristics of female images in media.
The paintings on the wall depict that those images are often misread and abused in media.

The red-colored painting shows the cross-dressed singer
who was charged with a real sex crime?

Text from #metoo of him are written over his portrait,
missing terms of denial.

The missing terms are painted upside down on the monotoned painting
to metaphor his misreading of the victim’s voicing.

(Left) <_wig_ _ _>, (Right) <J Said _ _ _ > (2020-21)
oil on canvas
162.2 x 130.3 (cm) each

Center Wall: Magical girls

The center wall is about magical girls in the media.

In the media like Animations, ‘magical girls’ transform into a mature females while being nude and by wearing short skirts and high heels.

In this process of ‘rapid maturation’,
The boundary between a girl and a prostitute is blurred.

In this series of paintings, I depicted the real version of magical girls, which are the girls around us and give us a strong, subjective gaze with their blackhole-like eyes.

Mahoshojo(Magical girls), 2021
oil and airbrush paint on canvas
162.2 x 112.1 (cm) each

digital print on fabric,
500 x 300 cm

Left Wall: Female Avatars

The left wall contains two drawings that show the relationship between female game avatars and their users.

<Personalens> is a drawing that illustrates that there is a force that disturbs our sight when looking at online avatars,
using an image of gravitational lens and Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

<Triple Point> shows my theory about the change of state between avatars and the users,
by defining the x and y-axis of the graph as self-awareness and social pressure.

<Personalens>, oil on wood panel,  2021

<Triple point>, oil on wood panel, 2021