<Chorus> is a web archive of Machine learning generative poems inspired by ancient greek playwrite <Lysistrata>,
a comedy about the sex strike of women to end the war and achieve peace.

I tried to make contemporary echoes of voices of the characters in the play which are still valid in contemporary society, by making poems with their words.

Website (Click the link!)

Generative Writing

Poems were purely generated by Machine learned AI models to make them faster and more objective than my interpretation and writing process.
AI learned the sentences of the script and generated new, original poems with the words of the script.
8 Selected poems were archived on the website with the mouse-interactive background which contains my interpretation of the text.


To make AI generate poems, I made an RNN model with python and TensorFlow.
The model was trained to learn the text from the original script of Lysistrata and sampled the text to generate poems.
Selected poems were uploaded on the project website with mouse-interactive backgrounds.