<JeungLeung Table>

<Jeungleung Table> is a public art project to discover the locality through a shared experience, 'food'.
The beautiful memories and unique language expressions of local residents shared through the project lighted up the darkness of Jeongneung Alley and warmed the hearts of neighbors passing by.

Team <Jeungleung Table>
My role: Curator, Film, Video Edit, Design, Promote

Lead Professor: Taejin Kim

Sponsored by Seoul City
Awarded by the mayor of Seoul City

Project Video (in Korean)

For non-Korean speakers;
please use youtube CC subtitles :)

video credit: Jeungha Lee

Project Overview

<Jeungleung Table> is a public art project conducted jointly by Seoul City Government and Kookmin University
to discover the locality through a shared experience, 'food'.

The project consists of several stages;
Writing contest, Recital, Interactive media facade, and artbook making.


Firstly, a writing contest named ‘Bob-pisode’ about food-related memories was held in the city.
Bob means ‘A meal’ in Korean.
We also interviewed small restaurant owners in the neighborhood to find various stories.

Interview videos


Secondly, The collected stories and related foods were introduced to neighbors,
while making and sharing food at the recital.

<Light up, Jeungleung>

The next step was about installing an interactive media facade.

Gathered stories and illustrations were shown on an electric signboard at the bus stop,
illuminating the many 'dark alleys' in the area at night.

The installed board changes its content if a viewer comes closer.

Installation View

<Jeungleung Food Storybook>

Finally, the collected stories, interviews, and food cooking videos are produced as a collective art book.