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2021~22 (Ongoing project)
Immersive performance

Dance / VR / Storytelling

<Undefined B> is an immersive dance performance to rewrite contemporary version of <Teacher B and Love Letter>, 1920’s Korean classic fiction, with audiences in HMD, real-time stage, and WebVR.

2021, PC game (Windows)

<Model House> is a storytelling game to show that there can be financial inequalities in the future virtual worlds, which is expressed through finding a ‘room’ for rent with low polygons.

Installation / performance

Installation / performance
<Layered Migration> is installation, performance, and image works about virtual reality that functions as a space of continuous simulation of reality.

2021, Interactive Performance

Project / Interactive / Performance
An interactive performance project that expresses the double-sidedness in the Online World, with the storyline of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

conducted by ABC LAB
Performed at Lee Seok Young New Media Library (2021)

Web archive of AI-generated poems

Web / AI / Poetry
<Chorus> is a web archive of Machine learning generative poems inspired by ancient greek playwrite <Lysistrata>, a comedy about the sex strike of women to end the war and achieve peace.

Scriptwriting and Visualization project with AI

Web / AI / Storytelling

<Treaclecake> is a group exhibition featuring Fiction, Images, and Drawings generated by AI agents.

The exhibition continues in Mozilla Hub and through the Website.

2021, VR, Single channel Video

Bin is a VR video work to find the relationship between an avatar and its creator and a user;
discovering the intimate but loose connection with individual persona and society.

2021, Installation

Installation / Collaborative

<Light Survival> is a collaborative installation with a survivor of sexual harassment.

Upcoming Exhibition in
TINC(This is not a church) (2022)

2021, Paintings / Installation

Painting / Installation
<Liquid Crystal> is a painting project about ‘women in media’; such as celebrities, Anime Girls, and game avatars.

3D Modeling/Rigging/MoCap
for VR Immersive performance

3D Modeling, Rigging, MoCap animation video of a woman with a scar in real life, made for a VR immersive performance project.

2020, 3D Short Film

3D / Film / Storytelling
<Epic Odysseia> is a parody of the Greek mythology, “Odysseia”, with a twist that the gender of Odysseus is swapped to female.

The film was made to show that there is a long history of gender inequalities even in well-known ancient mythology, by imagining possible situations that can happen when the gender of the characters is mirrored and the background is contemporary.

2020, AR art project

AR / Instagram / Public Art
An AR filter project for the young generation to help them warp into another space with an artist’s personas.

Sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

2020, Virtual Installation

VR / Installation
<SNEAKERS> is a project criticizing spy cams in public female toilets,
through various installations which provided an uncanny experience to viewers.

2020, Digital Images

The digital images featuring my body lying on a bed, made to show the process and the result of my meditation about my body and mind during the pandemic lockdown.

2020, UI/UX Design

SSOK is a quick, easy, and friendly solution for informational demarginalized people to help them search Public Health Fund Information.

Nominated as Korean Finalist in
Asia Open Data Challenge (conducted by Korea, Japan, Taiwan government) (2020)

2019, Paintings

<Dead-Alive> is a series of paintings about relationships between real-life deaths and deaths in a game.

The death in the game seems unreal, but in fact, deaths around us are sometimes much more ridiculous than them.

Photography, Drawing, Book Design

Photography / Drawing / Design
<Sweet Dreams> is a photobook-making project, pointing out that fantasy is not shared with everyone else, therefore fantasy without consent becomes violence.

2018, Mixed Media Installation

<TMI> is a multimedia Installation concentrating on Too Much Irony of discrimination concealed in modern society, comparing it with a relationship between livestock and humans.

Exhibited in Whitenoise Seoul (2018)

2018, Mixed Media Installation

<HISteric _ _ _> is a multimedia project showing that memories can change by conversion and inversion, like the process of photo development.

Exhibited in LAUMT (2018)

2018, Public Art Project

<Jeungleung Table> is a public art project to discover the locality through a shared experience, 'food'.

Sponsored by Seoul City
Awarded by the mayor of Seoul City

2020, Theatre Archive

An archiving website for Theatre <Commonplay>’s working process in 2020.

The whole website was designed to look like a scriptwrite of a play.

2019, Play

2019 Theater <Commonplay>

My role: Art director, Production Manager

2020, Film

A film by Sumin Woo.

My role: Art director