Treaclecake (2021)

<Treaclecake> is a group exhibition featuring Fiction, Images, and Drawings generated by AI agents.

Treaclecake (2021)

AI-generated works
(4 fiction, 27 paintings, 27 drawings.)
AI is usually thought of as an assistant for humans.
But in a near future, AI itself might do creative activities with its “brain”.

For the future, I curated an exhibition named <Treaclecake> as an assistant with AI.

I suggested a starting sentence, "A girl is swimming in the water during her menstruation.".
Two ready-to-use AIs wrote four fiction, which made other AIs make their visual works based on the sentences.

The collected works are exhibited online through a room in Mozilla Hub and the project website.

Exhibition View

Website for the exhibition

Featured AI artists


: Inferkit

: Write with Transformer

Images and Drawings

: Runway ML

: AI draw

Title of the exhibition

: KuKi AI