(a.k.a Angie) Kim

Asian Woman Storyteller

(b. 1999)

I am an artist who creates new energy.

I have a strong interest in the laws of physics in this world.
I focus on how those laws can be interpreted in mass media or the new Metaverse world.

In my working process, I pay attention to the stories
that occur between the surrounding society and myself.


Sep 2022 - May 2024
New York University, New York (Interactive Telecommunication)

: Master’s Degree

Mar 2017 - Feb 2022
Kookmin University, South Korea (Fine Art, Painting major)
(GPA 4.28/4.5)
: Bachelor of Fine Art 

Mar 2020 - June 2020
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (Visual Art)

: Exchange student

June 2019 - August 2019
Temple University, Philadelphia, US
: Overseas study program, supported by my home university


TSOA Scholarship

(NYU Tisch School of Arts)

Art Sports Vision Scholarship

(The Korea Student Aid Foundation)
: Full tuition + 2 million KRW (1,800 USD) per semester

Seong-Gok Scholarship (2019-2)

(Kookmin University)
: Full tuition

University 2 Scholarship (2018-2)

(Kookmin University)
: 30% of the tuition

University 4 Scholarship (2017-2)

(Kookmin University)
: 10% of the tuition



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe XD

> Video

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effect
Final Cut Pro

> 3D

Reallusion iClone

Also Learning
Python, Javascript, C#, HTML/CSS..


<Winter Show>

(2022, 370 Jay Street)
: Group Exhibition

<Every Mosquito feels the same>

(2022, This Is Not a Church)
: Collective Exhibition


(2022, Act Ground)
: VR Immersive Performance

<The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Planet Z>

(2021,  Lee Seok Young New Media Library)
: Interactive Performance


(2021, online exhibition)
: Media Artist

<Juicy Mosquito>

(2020, K arts)
: VR Immersive Performance

<quick warp!> 

(2020, online AR Instagram project)
: AR technician, Media Artist

>> Sponsered by Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, Sinchon Art Space


(2018, Johyung Gallery, La Mer Gallery)
: Media Artist


(2018, Whitenoise Seoul)
: Curator, Media Artist


(2018, Laumt)
: Curator, Media Artist

> Public Interactive Art Project

<Undefined B>  

(2021-2022, ACT Ground)

: Mobile/Web Interactive Fiction, VR Interactive Performance
    >> Sponsored by Hwaseong City

Public Art Project <Jeungleung Table>

(2018, Works in Seoul City, Exhibited in Seoul City Hall)

: Interactive Installation, Stories Archiving, Book Design, Interviews, Recital Performance

(Prized by the Mayor of Seoul City)
    >> Sponsored by Seoul City

> Theatre

<Almost Maine> (2019, R&G Theater)
: Art

<The God of Carnage> (2018, Kookmin University)
: Directing, Art, Video

> Filmmaking

<Catching A Bug> (2020)
: Art Director

> Design Research

UX, UI Design Project <SSOK>
: Asia Open Data Challenge Korean Finalist

> Youtube

Assisting < Noto the Talking Ball > 

: a touchdesigener tutorial channel on youtube