Layered Migration (2021)

<Layered Migration> is an installation, performance, and image work on virtual reality that functions as a continuous simulation of reality.

We try to find a new persona in a new world through migration to a metaverse world,
but the new world is an extension and simulation of reality.

In the metaverse, we constantly interact with reality and evolve by simulating each other.

Layered Migration (2021), 10min, Performance Video

In the 21st century, we move to the digital world; Metaverse.
The metaverse is a world with easy access, becoming a playground for ‘Homo Deus’.

The metaverse, which appears to be the new world, is not much different from the spaces in reality.

If the chroma key, which attempted to combine reality and virtuality through compositing, was a screen that connects the two layers of the background and object,

Metaverse is a space of simulation of more physical reality, combining the retina and the camera of a screen in more layers.

Our space has only changed its form, but it is still covered with objects.
Evolution, in reality, will continue through simulations in which elements of reality are selected and re-ordered in freer ways.

Performance Stillcut

Image works

The retina and screen will become one*;
Our movements and sights are always in contact, always connected, and always connected to that on the screen.

Reality and virtuality will become one;
The horizon of the virtual skybox mediates reality.
We will continue to evolve in reality through endless simulations of selecting, arranging, and creating elements of reality in space while only changing their forms.

*The language of New Media, Lev Manovich