Anonymous Red Riding Hood (2021)

<Anonymous Red Riding Hood> is an interactive performance project with Live Motion Tracking and Physical Computing
that expresses the double-sidedness with anonymity in Online World, with the storyline of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Team MetaMo : Angie Hojung Kim, Gayoung Kim, Yujung Huh, Jahyeon Park
My role: Director, Character Modeler, Physical Computer, Performer(Red Riding Hood)

A project conducted by ABC LAB
Performed at Lee Seok Young New Media Library (2021)

Anonymous Red Riding Hood (2021)

Interactive Live Performance

 <Anonymous Red Riding Hood> is an interactive live performance that expresses the two faces of anonymity in the online metaverse world, using the story of <Red Riding Hood> known to all ages and genders as a motif.

In the fable, Little Red Riding Hood is seduced by an unfamiliar wolf and gets lost.
After returning to his comfortable home, he is eaten by a wolf wearing his grandmother's mask.
We noted the 'repetitive' phenomenon that anonymity in classical fables is prevalent even in modern society.

How different is this recurring story from the reality, or the Metaverse that we live in?
The violence hidden behind anonymity may be the future that will be passed on to the metaverse as well.
Rather than dragging the space of violence into the virtual bin and deleting it,
Now is the time to come up with an intrinsic solution.

Performance Video

Interaction: Physical Computing

Live Interaction using Kinect v2, Arduino ESP32 Module, and Touch / Motion / Light / Sound Sensors

Live Control with Touchdesigner


1. Anonymous Red Riding Hood

Inspired by <Red Hat>, I made a character wearing a red hat and a red cape.
The character design expresses a cute, naive, and harmless feeling.
The cute image that contrasts with the wolf were emphasized.

2. Anonymous Grandmother

To visually express that she is a grandmother,
the back of the grandmother is bent, and the color of the skin and the clothing are expressed achromatic than that of the red hat.
The color of her hat is matching with the one used on the actual stage.

3. Anonymous Wolf

Wolf, the villain in the work, was designed to directly show that he is a bad character.
It was expressed in a very dark tone, unlike other bright tones.
I made the eyes red to emphasize the eyes when the screen goes dark.

Still cuts